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MiniMRP Standard Edition is supplied with its own build in 'JET' database. This works great even with quite a few users when all users are sharing the data file via ethernet or WIFI on the same local area network.

A default installation of the Professional Edition of MiniMRP also runs with that standard JET database. But the 'Pro' version can, optionally, migrate the database up to SQL Server.

SQL Server offers greater concurrency in larger work-groups and a huge (HUGE) performance improvement when working over slow/internet remote access connections.

Compatible versions of SQL Server are Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and MariaDB Server.

MiniMRP doesn't need much storage space and even the lower specification versions such as the 'free' express or 'Community' versions of those servers are just fine for MiniMRP.

Many NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices have MySQL Server or MariaDB pre-installed. This makes such devices a low cost 'mini' alternative to external 'paid' internet database servers. This becomes even more interesting when you look at NAS drives with multiple disks in a RAID/Mirrored configuration. Setting up a 'Real PC' with RAID could get quite complicated and/or expensive. But doing it with a 2 Disk NAS device is just a few hundred dollars.

For that purpose we've created a few pages showing how to setup MySQL or MariaDB on a couple of different NAS devices.


Example installation/migration to Synology DS118

Synology Disk Station DS118


Western Digital MyCloudMirror

WD 'MyCloud Mirror'


For obvious reasons, we can't recommend any specific brand of NAS device and we've mentioned the two above simply because they're the ones we've been using ourselves. In our experience the WD device, even the latest model, is a slower 32bit processor with quite an old version of MySQL built in. The Synology, on the other hand, isn't as sturdy but inside is a modern 64bit device with fast processor, lots of memory and a very recent versions of MariaDB available. But, of course, we can't guarantee that using a NAS as your MiniMRP server is better or worse than any brand of desktop/server PC. But you're more than welcome to download the trial version of MiniMRP Pro and see how it runs with whatever Server you have available.