MiniMRP for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

MiniMRP is an easy to use inventory manager with additional features usually only found in larger ERP/MRP packages.

Why maintain an overweight, over complex ERP/MRP system when if all you need is the ability to manage an unlimited number of inventory parts and vendors and, when required, manage and cost single or multi-level Bills of Material (BOM).

BOM made easy.


Note: The MiniMRP licence is perpetual - after your free trial period it's a one-off payment per user. There are no monthly or annual subscriptions.


Standard Edition:

  • Includes our standard 'JET' database for single and multi-user access.
  • Unlimited number of inventory items
  • Single and Multi-Level Bill of Materials
  • Purchase Orders, Customer Orders, Work Orders, Assembly costing, Shortage forecasting.
  • 'Lite' MRP features in a small, easy to use inventory package.
  Standard Edition     5.0.42
Download Standard MRP

Registration of your trial is not necessary. Trial may prompt for an activation code but you can ignore that and the software remains fully functional for 30 days. But if you do register we'll email a temporary activation code and offer an extended trial once your trial period expires.


Professional / Enterprise Editions:

All 'Standard' features but can also migrate up to SQL Server if required. Using a dedicated SQL Server offers greater concurrency in larger workgroups and improved remote access over slow network/internet connections. Supported servers - MS SQL Server Express (or higher), MySQL or MariaDB Server. MiniMRP is not data intensive so the free, express and community versions of these SQL Server products are just fine. Even works on MySQL/MariaDB that is installed, as standard, in many network 'NAS' storage devices.

Also includes other 'enterprise' features such as the ability to manage inventory in more than one location/warehouse. Includes "User Access Control" - manage users with different View/Read/Write permissions in different functions/areas of the software.

 Pro/Enterprise    5.0.42

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Free trial period is 30 days. But if that's not long enough please send us an email and we'll be happy to extend the trial period to 60 or even 90 days if necessary. Enter as much data as you want. All data created during your trial period is not lost when you purchase the full licence.

Thank you for choosing MiniMRP