.. .. Technical Info
.. .. Network/multi-User
.. .. Upgrading
.. .. SQL Server
.. .. .. NAS MySQL

.. .. Menus and Tabs

.. .. New Item
.. .. List/View/Edit
.. .. Item Vendors

.. .. New Assembly
.. .. List/View/Edit

.. .. Assembly Types

Customer Orders
.. .. New Customer Order
.. .. List/View/Edit

.. .. Delivery/Shipping

Purchase Orders
.. .. Item Vendors
.. .. New Purchase Order
.. .. List/View/Edit 
.. .. Goods Receiving
.. .. Advanced

Works Orders
.. .. Introduction
.. .. New Works Order
.. .. Editing/Processing

.. .. New Contact
.. .. List/View/Edit

.. .. MRP Shortage Forecast
.. .. Shortage Snapshot

.. .. Backup/Restore


Navigation (Menus and Tabs)

When you start the MiniMRP program the first thing you encounter is this menu on the left side of the program window. It's a very quick and efficient tool taking you you to any part of the program with just a couple of mouse clicks



When you select any option from the main menu a window appears in the working area of the program window. You also see a 'Tab' appear at the top of the window - shown in this image below


MiniMRP allows you to do more things at once. You can open another task without closing the first. When you begin another task - for example by selecting another option from the main menu - the new task opens in a new tab - as shown below


With two tasks running you can switch instantly between them by clicking the relevant tab. But you can start even more tasks and each one starts in its own tab and you can switch quickly between any of them working on more than one task at the same time - you're allowed to start up to 10 separate tasks at the same time.
When you hover the mouse button over any tab you'll see a small [X] - see below - Click that to close the tab and exit that task. You can close tasks in any order.