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In most cases MiniMRP will be installed from our downloadable installer package available from our website at

Alternatively you may have received it on a CD or other media possibly from a colleague or reseller.

MiniMRp is available for download from 1000's of websites, software archives, affiliates and resellers around the world and most of these will link back to our website so you should be getting the most recent version. However, some archives may hold their own downloads which don't get updates so often.

We'd always recommend downloading from our website if possible.

Some versions of windows save downloaded files to your Windows desktop. Others to the 'Downloads' folder.

In any case the downloaded file should have an icon like this:

This icon is only used to install the software. Once installed you can delete the icon if you want but you might wish to make a backup on a disk or other media so that you can install on other computers if necessary in future.

After installation the program icon appears on your desktop.

Double-click, or tap the program icon on your desktop to launch MiniMRP

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