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Shortage Report

Before describing the shortage reports - lets take another look at the Item detail window. Look specifically at the three values we've highlighted in the image below. When the On-Hand Quantity falls below the Minimum - as is the case in our example - then we want miniMrp to do something about it - The shortages Report

Select 'Shortages' from the main menu - below left

This brings up the reports menu - see below right


In this example we're selecting the option "All below minimum" which would generate a report based on the values in the item detail shown at the very top of this page. It will generate a report of ALL items where the On Hand quantity has fallen below the minimum (min Qty)

The other option "Allocated shortages" generates an almost identical report except both the MinQty AND works order allocated quantities are taken in to consideration - an item will be flagged as a shortage even if it is not yet below minimum but would prevent all currently allocated works orders being completed in future.

Additionally, current vendor purchase orders can also be included in the calculation preventing you from ordering more materials if enough had already been ordered but not yet received.

This example will continue with the "All below minimum" report - see next page.