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The 'CSAS' (Closed Sub ASembly) gives us some additional flexibility.

Take a look at the BOM in the image below - it's the same product that you saw on the previous page except in this example some of the sub assemblies are of type "CSAS". This is still a multi-Level BOM but the components inside closed sub assemblies remain hidden.

img Assembly Type_3

In this BOM you can see that Item 4 is an assembly of type ASSY and MiniMRP breaks it down to its component parts showing items 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 at level 2.

>If you were to issue this BOM then MiniMRP would assume that item 4 will be built at the same time as the top level product so everything, including items 5 through 9 are taken from inventory .

But look further down the BOM at tems 10 and 11. They are also assemblies but they belong to the type CSAS. They are 'Closed Sub Assemblies'. This tells MiniMRP to assume that these sub assemblies already exist, pre-built, in your inventory. When this work order is issued those sub assemblies would be taken directly out of inventory.

Note: In the main menu you'll see 'Work Orders>Build for Stock'. This option allows you to generate Work Orders to build assemblies without any related customer order. Change the 'Type' of such sub assemblies to 'CSAS' and this tells MiniMRP to assume that when they appear in a BOM they will always exist in your inventory and such sub assemblies will be issued from stock.

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