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Create a New Assembly

Please note: the images below relate to miniMrp v4.0 and 4.1

If using version 4.2 then your menu will have a separate "Assemblies" menu containing a new button [Create New Assembly]. Apart from that the process is almost identical.


Enter the part number and description and ensure the 'Type' is "Assembly/SubAssembly" - see the image above.

miniMrp now includes a new type of assembly "CSAS (Closed Sub Assembly)". Use this type if you're creating a record for a sub assembly that is generally produced and held in inventory in advance of requirement.

In versions 2 and 3 of miniMrp the category could only be "AS" for assemblies. In this version you can use/create any category name.

Click the 'Save' button and exit.

Now that you have an assembly you can use the Parts List Editor to create a parts list.

Select 'Assemblies' from the main menu and miniMrp displays a list of all assemblies in your database - see below.

note: The image below is version 4.0/4.1 If you are already using the new v4.2 then your menu will contain a separate Assemblies menu but the process described below is the same.


To the left of each row is a small [>] button - click that and a menu appears. Select 'Edit Parts List' to open the Parts List Editor - see the next page