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miniMRP. Process work order. Page #1

Works Order

To process an existing work order select the option(s) from the main menu.

Note: Your version of miniMrp may have a slightly different menu layout but the options are similar and the process is the same.


A list appears showing all of your currently active work orders.

To the right of the list you see a 'Status' column.

Within miniMrp a works order can be in any one of three states.

(1) Allocated.
(2) Issued.
(3) Finished.

A works order in the "Allocated" state has not made any adjustments at all to your inventory but it does tell miniMrp what you intend to do in future. miniMrp monitors all active/allocated work orders and updates the shortage report showing you at any time what materials you need to procure in order to complete all of your planned work orders.

When a works order is in the "Issued" state it is "Work in Progress" meaning that all the materials have been taken out of the inventory but all of the finished assemblies are not complete and have not yet been entered into your inventory. In the case of a partially complete work order the relevant line in the list would show the text "WIP" and show how many assemblies are still in WIP and how many have been completed into inventory.

If a work order is in the "Finished" state it means that all materials have been issued AND the finished assemblies have been entered into your inventory ready to be sold to customers.

To the left of each row is a [>] right-arrow button. Click that to select the option to "View and/or Process".