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Network Install.

miniMrp can be installed on a local area network allowing multiple user to share the same data at the same time.

On a standard installation the software usually installs in the folder

C:\Program Files\miniMrp4

in that folder you see two files.


There may be other support files but they're not important.

On your network server or other shared drive - such as network attached storage - create a folder that all users can share with read/write access and then copy the above two files into that folder.

Complete a full install of the software on each user's computer but then edit the user's desktop shortcut to 'point' to the file MINIMRP4.EXE in the shared folder.

When the user clicks that edited shortcut it will launch the program from the shared folder.

The file MRP4DATA contains your data so if you've already been using the software, perhaps during your trial period, then you might like to copy that data file into the shared folder so that all users can immediately start using your existing data.


The trial version of MiniMRP is fully functional so you can test network/sharing etc. But after the trial period all computers will need a full license to use the software.

Visit the miniMrp website for pricing information of the lower cost multi-user license bundles as well as additional CALs for adding more users later.