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miniMrp Standard Edition. (See here for Enterprise edition)

This page may be of interest to your technical/computer department if they are responsible for controlling and installing software on your organization's computers.

The downloadable installer package is digitally signed with one of our Authenticode digital signatures authenticated by Thawte or other certificate authorities such as Comodo.

Depending on your version of windows the installation process may request admin login - this is intentional to prevent the installation of software on 'locked down' corporate networks without administrative permission.

After installation the software does NOT require admin privileges and can be used by restricted user accounts on WIndows 8 Pro, Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP (Minimum XP SP3).

miniMrp is written exclusively in Microsoft Visual C# 2010 and makes no use of any third-party libraries so has no dependencies other than the Microsoft .Net Framework (usually installed as part of MS Windows) and the separate miniMrp data file MRP4DATA. (You might like to include the data file in any regular/automated backup procedures)

An additional data file USERCFG.AXI is used to remember user preferences such as styles and grid column widths. This file is not critical and no errors will be generated if this file is missing. Although the user's preferences would, in this case, not be remembered.

32bit / 64bit

miniMrp4 is an x86 application allowing users on all versions of Windows, 32 and 64 bit, to share the same program and data at the same time. Consequentially the software will install by default into the (x86) program folder on 64bit versions of Windows.

miniMrp4 is supported on both 32bit and 64bit versions of MS Windows.

.Net Frameworks

miniMrp 4.0 requires Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 (Exists on all Vista and Win7 computers and can be enabled on Win8)

miniMrp 4.1 and above require MS .Net Framework 4.0 This framework is a pre-installed component on machines running Windows 8 Pro and is also offered by Microsoft's Update Process on all other versions of MS Windows since XP/SP3

The miniMrp installation process with check if the necessary framework exists on your computer and enable an update if necessary.


miniMrp versions 2 and 3 used the Microsoft JET database file format because of the quick and easy deployment capability and the reduced level of support required by the that platform. (miniMrp Version 1.0 used SQL Server but in 2013 v1 reached the end of its 15 year supported life cycle).

The 'Standard' version of miniMrp 4 also uses JET although no additional drivers are required. In 2013 a separate 'Enterprise' version of miniMrp was released which, by default, continues to use the older 'JET' database but can fully migrate up to MS SQL Server if required. (See other page(s) describing enterprise version of miniMrp.)