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 Create New Inventory Item

From the main menu select [Create New Item] - we've circled it in the image below

You should enter at least a part number and description. Everything else is optional. You can always come back to edit/add more detail later.

In the picture above you'll see (near the top-centre) is an option labeled 'Type' and we've selected 'Component'.

miniMrp differentiates between three distinct types of item in your inventory.

  • PART (Component) - These would usually be the things you buy. The parts and materials that you use when building assemblies.
  • ASSY (Assembly) (& Sub Assemblies) - These are the products, assemblies and sub assemblies that you build. They can be quite complex containing many components and even other smaller assemblies (sub assemblies).
  • There is a 3rd type (CSAS (Closed Sub Assembly)) At this stage just ignore that type - we'll explain it in more detail in the 'Assemblies' section of this user guide.

You might also wish to arrange your inventory in categories - it might help you group or find items later. Place the new item into a category that already exists by selecting from the drop-down category list. Or create a new category by typing directly into the category box.

Note:- Users of previous versions of miniMrp. If you wanted to create an assembly in previous versions of miniMrp you would have used the Category "AS". Having only one category for all of your assemblies was quite restrictive. But in this new version Assembly or component is decided by the 'Type' drop-down list which means any category can be an assembly.