When all you need is Simple Inventory,
   MRP and Multi Level BOM Software.

      Inventory, MRP and BOM. Without the Bells and Whistles

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Inventory, Parts-Lists, Vendors, MRP and Multi Level BOM Bill of Materials.

MiniMRP for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP(SP3) is a low cost, easy to use Inventory and Parts List Manager with Multi Level BOM (Bill of Materials) and other MRP-Like features usually only found in larger ERP/MRP packages.

If you are looking for an Inventory Manager with Multi Level BOM capability without the associated running costs of an overweight ERP/MRP system then you really should take a closer look at MiniMRP.

MiniMRP includes purchasing, customer orders, work orders, multi level bills of material, shortage forecasting and many other MRP features in an easy-to-use Inventory Manager costing less than $200.

Perpetual licence - buy once use forever. No repeat fees, subscriptions or support charges.

Download a free 30 day trial. If you need longer we can extend your trial period up to 60 days if necessary.
The trial version is fully functional - Enter as much real data as you want - any data you create during your trial is not lost once you purchase the fully licensed software.

MiniMRP is small and it's simple to use because it doesn't waste space on the features that nobody uses anyway.

Why maintain an over-complex ERP/MRP system when all you really want is something that will manage your inventory and, if required, build and cost single and multilevel Bills of Material.

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30 Day Free Trial
The trial period is fully functional. Enter as much real data as you want - when you purchase the full licence all of your data remains.

No Contract
MiniMRP is licenced to the computer - so each computer requires a full licence to use the software beyond the trial period. But once you've purchased the licence there's no periodic renewal or maintenance/support contract. Buy once and use forever. We don't bill you just so that you can keep accessing your own data and we don't bill you for updates every time Microsoft releases a new version of Windows.

Improved (Simple !) Shortage Forecast
MiniMRP now has an improved Shortage Forecast Report. Based on your future/planned build schedule MiniMRP can generate a forecast report showing you what materials you need, when you need them and, based on vendor/product lead times, when you need to place your purchase orders to ensure materials arrive when required.


Professional Edition

Multiple Warehouses?
Do you operate multiple storage units possibly in different geographical locations? The Enterprise Edition of MiniMRP can manage inventory, parts lists, bills of material , purchase orders and work orders in multiple locations.

User Access Control
Do you need to give different users different permissions in different areas of the software. For example people in your purchasing department need to be able to create and modify purchase orders but do they need to be able to modify assemblies, BOMs and Works Orders. Give each user specific read/write permissions in each area of the software.

SQL Server
If your company already operates with MS SQL Server then you'll be pleased to know that the MiniMRP database can be migrated up to MS SQL Server if required. MS SQL Server offeres greater concurrency in large organizations and improved performance for multi-site remote access.
Version 5 also supports MySQL and MariaDB Servers

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