Import Parts and Vendors Data

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MiniMRP version 5 does not require the old 'P&V' import tool

Version 5 can restore a p&v data file into MiniMRP using MiniMRP's built-in backup-restore menu

If using MiniMRP's standard or default database just go to the 'Tools' menu within MiniMRP and select Database Utilities. Select 'Restore' and select your P&V data file./p>

If using MiniMRP Pro Edition with intention of migrating the P&V data up to MS SQL Server or MySQl Server follow the instructions for restoring to SQL Server and instead of a MiniMRP backup file just select the P&V data file.

Conversion of the P&V data into MiniMRP format might take a minute or two depending on the size of your P&V data.

Following can be migrated from Trilogy Parts and vendors into MiniMRP

Inventory (All Items)
Parts Lists, Assemblies. Including Multi-Level assemblies
Vendors. Contact details etc
All vendor purchase orders including partial/incomplete orders.
All Inventory costs - multiple vendors per inventory item.
Assemblies are costed using your default vendor's prices.
Customers. Contact details.


Goto the MiniMRP download page.