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Topic:   Using 'NAS' as a shared MiniMRP Server.

By: MichaelPosted on: Nov 8 2018 at 03:10:13 AM
Many NAS boxes have MySQL Server built it. There was talk in other pages on the forum saying that v5 would be able to use MySQL in a NAS as a shared server even with remote access usw.

By: GuestPosted on: Nov 8 2018 at 03:32:12 AM

I know how to setup MySQL on a NAS so didn't need these instructions so I don't know how accurate these pages are or even they have been officially.

Setting up on a Synology DiskStation
Synology MySQL/MariaDB

Setting up on on a Western Digital 'MyCloud Mirror'.
Western Digital MySQL

One of the minimrp support guys sent me those links so I could test the nas a few months ago. I guess they can't officially say it but if you're looking to go out and buy a new NAS you might not want to buy a new WD MyCloud. I gather they're quite dated technology with slow processor running a very old version of MySQL. Although mini does say that minimrp's queries have been 'mysql' optimized so run even on low powered devices

But we're using Synology DS218

Word about Synology NAS drives. There's a lot of them out there so look at the model number.
'2' = Two disks
'18' = 2018 as in year of manuafacture.

So, a DS216 would be already 2 years old. Works fine if you already have one but if buying new get a '18'.

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Topic:- Using 'NAS' as a shared MiniMRP Server.

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