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Topic:   Full indented BOM

By: GuestPosted on: Mar 9 2020 at 02:25:46 PM
Is there a place to view an entire indented BOM that shows parts on all levels? I thought in a previous version when you selected "View indented BOM" it would show the flat BOM to the right, but the left would show the full with where this BOM falls into place (similar to the way the assembly editor appears). We are looking for a way to export a full exploded BOM to a CSV.

By: SupportPosted on: Mar 10 2020 at 04:07:00 AM
That "View indented BOM" should be the full BOM down through all levels which can also be exported to CSV.

If you're not seeing what you expect to see can you take a screen shot and email it with an explanation of what you think you should be seeing.

By: GuestPosted on: Mar 12 2020 at 09:32:18 AM
Thank you. I think I figured out the issue. We list our subassemblies as "CSAS" so that we can issue a work order individually for each level rather than ASSY where all assemblies are built at the same time. I am guessing there is not currently a way to see a full blown out BOM without listing every sub as CSAS? Sometimes we want to export to CSV the entire blown out assembly for manipulation reasons or to share with others, but we don't actually want to build the entire assembly at one time. Right now I just export each BOM individually and then manually reindent a full BOM.


By: SupportPosted on: Mar 13 2020 at 12:06:43 PM
We are going to allow the "Display" of, what you call a "blown out BOM". ie where the display will drill down into CSAS sub assemblies showing all levels.

This will only be when "VIEWING" a MultiLevel assembly. Not when actually processing a Work Order.

The MultiLevel Parts List will initially show CSAS as Closed Sub ASsemblies. but, if appropriate, there will be a menu option allowing you to explode down into CSAS levels.

I should have more information about this feature before end March 2020

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Topic:- Full indented BOM

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