Thank you for trying MiniMRP v5. Remember, this is a Pre-Release/Preview version of MiniMRP for testing and evaluation purposes only.

Migrating from MiniMRP v3 or v4

The instructions on this page assume your current version of MiniMRP is 'Enterprise Edition' connecting to MS SQL Server. Otherwise 'Click Here' to see standard migration instructions.

For running Backup/Restore processes on SQL Server MiniMRP v5 has a separate 'dbTools' program (See folder/location below).

Using only the dbTools program supplied with MiniMRP v5 connect to your SQL Server. All v4 databases on SQL Server are named "MiniMrpDB" so within dbTools ensure that's the database name you connect to. Backup that database to a MiniMRP Migration File.

Then, using the dbTools program supplied with MiniMRP v5 connect to your SQL Server and 'Restore' the backup/migration to the server. We would suggest changing the database name so that you don't overwrite the original v4 data file on your server.

The backup and restore processes should only take a couple of seconds each but might take longer depending on the size of your database and/or the connection speed of your network. For example a database containing many thousands of components and orders might take a minute or two.

Please let us know about your migration experience.

Thank you


Download MiniMRP v5 (PreRelease) Professional Edition
MiniMRP 'Enterprise' is now called 'Professional' Edition.


Folders created during the MiniMrp installation

On a 64bit version of Windows the MiniMRP 5 installation creates the following folders

C:\program Files(x86)\MiniMrp5\
      Containing the MiniMrp program and other non editable files.

C:\Program Files(x86)\MiniMrp5\Data\
      Containing the standard 'JET' mrp5data file

C:\Program Files(x86)\MiniMrp5\Tools\
      Containing the DBTools program for migrating to/from SQL Server

The above folder layout is to comply with current security recommendations suggesting programs and data should be in separate folders.