Thank you for trying MiniMRP v5. Remember, this is still a Pre-Release/Preview version of MiniMRP for testing and evaluation purposes only.

Migrating from MiniMRP v3 or v4

Some (Enterprise) versions of MiniMRP can connect to SQL Server. If your version of MiniMRP is using SQL Server see here for different migration instructions.

The instructions on this page assume you are using the default (jet) database installed with all versions of MiniMRP.

Using your current v3 or v4 version of MiniMRP go to the main menu and select 'Tools > Database Utilities' and make a backup.

Then, using the new v5 version go to 'Tools > Database Utilities' and 'Restore' the backup you made.

The restore process should only take a couple of seconds but might take longer depending on the size of your database and/or the connection speed of your network. For example a database containing many thousands of components and orders might take a minute or two.

Please let us know about your migration experience.

Thank you

Update History Remember size of main program window. Improved 'New Work Order' dialog. Some queries improved ie faster loading of 'All Components'. Changes to database structure. Can now create new inventory items (Not possible in previous pre-release versions) Changes to DB structure. Customer Order 'Add Items' (missing Assemblies) fixed. Also fixed faults in Reports/Customer. Minor updates. Creation of Customer Work Orders fixed.
5.0.3   Reinstated Date Picker (Showing Relevant PO#s) on WorkOrder Shortage Report
5.0.4   Fixed GoodsIn
5.0.5   Update to Work Order Shortage Report
5.0.6   Update to Customer Order - Can now edit WorkOrder within the customer order.

5.0.6 Released 3 December 2018

Download MiniMRP v5 (RC) Standard Edition

Download MiniMRP v5 (RC) Professional Edition

Note: If this download appears to give you an older version remember to clear your browser cache before trying again.