miniMrp version 4 for Windows 10, 8/8.1 (Pro), Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP


               Update history  

4.0.69 - Listing of customer orders - New "Quick View" of order items and order quantities without opening the order.
4.0.70 - Fixes a problem which allowed a newly created works order to be deleted instead of from 'UnDone'.
4.0.71 - Added a 'CSV Export' button to the Contacts/Customers/Vendors lists.
4.0.72 - Prevents deletion of Assemblies if they exist in active works orders.
4.0.74 - Fixes a problem which prevented indented view of Sub-Assemblies appearing in Parts List Editor.
4.0.75 - Assembly Revision column is now visible when viewing list of 'Works Orders'.
4.0.76 - Improvements to order list in [Item > View Pending Order Info.]
4.0.77 - Minor addition to shortages report. "Available" Qty Column (Available = OnHand - Allocated + vendorOnOrder)
4.0.78 - Additional columns to Item Detail 'History' showing 'OUT / IN / Balance' in a ledger style layout.
4.0.79 - Fixes a problem which sometimes prevented restoring/conversion of v3 databases into v4.
4.0.80 - Improvement/Fix to display of History>Balance calculation which affected a few installations since 4.0.78
4.0.81 - Improvement. The Qty displayed in 'All Items' grid did not always update if qty was changed in other tabs.
4.0.82 - Added "Type" column to the order view and "Rev" column to the AddItems view of Customer & Vendor orders.
4.0.83 - Fixed a problem which could create duplicate rows in the 'All Items' list. (When using item detail 'SaveAs'.
4.0.84 - Fixes a problem in trial version which could cause program close after adding the first new inventory item.
4.0.85 - Fixed a problem which prevented miniMrp showing a list of more than 100 active Works Orders.
4.0.89 - Prevents re-use (duplication of) Purchase Order Numbers.

4.1.5 - Improvements.
4.1.6 - Includes ability to bulk import supplier and customer records. Also import inventory 'with' relevant suppliers.
4.1.7 - Fixed a problem which could create duplicate rows in the 'All Items' list.
4.1.8 - In some cases miniMrp would limit display to most recent 5 purchase orders. Fixed in this version (no limit) .
4.1.11 - In some cases miniMrp would not display the location/BIN in Bill of Materials. Fixed in this update.
4.1.14 - Item/Line numbers in Asembly Editor are now reflected in Multi-Level BOM.
4.1.15 - Improved navigation - (to reduce number of open tabs).
4.1.16 - Adjustment to Shortages report.
4.1.18 - Fixes the missing 'Add Supplier' button (and others) in ItemDetail.
4.1.22 - When deleting deliveries the items are now returned to the inventory.
4.1.23 - Prevents re-use (duplication of) Purchase Order Numbers.

4.2.5 - Ability to view/reprint/edit/undo Goods In (GRN) transactions
4.2.6 - Ability to partially finish work orders. ie complete some assemblies leaving others as WIP.
4.2.6 - Small (i) button appears in Inventory grid 'OnOrder' column allowing quick access to relevant orders.
4.2... - Various fixes/improvements
4.2.16 - Restored Assemblies to the Inventory Valuation report (Missing since 4.2.1)
4.2.17 - Various fixes/improvements.
4.2.18 - Added a clickable 'Links' icon to the inventory list for those items which have external document links.
4.2.19 - Fixes a problem which cause site prefix to appear on PO Numbers even if the prefix option was disabled.
4.2.20 - (Enterprise) Fixes a problem which prevented currency conversion in valuation reports and BOM costs.
4.2.21 - Fixed. In very rare cases, a common component in a common single item subAssembly could be skipped.
4.2.23 - (Enterprise) Fixes a problem in currency setup when default locale uses decimal comma instead of dot.
4.2.24 - Minor change to CSV Import.
4.2.25 - Added a new "Shortage Forecast" report.
4.2.26 - Fixed an occasional error with RequiredBy dates in Purchase and Customer orders.
4.2.27 - The new 'Shortage Forecast' report now has a CSV Export button.
4.2.28 - Added 'BIN' column to the GoodsIn form.
4.2.29 - After deleting Vendors the deleted vendor's cost prices might still appear while creating orders. Fixed.
4.2.30 - "Required By" date has been added to the "Goods In" grid. "Export CSV" button added to lists of Orders.
4.2.31 - Ability to export CSV with non-english characters such as Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, EastEuropean and UTF8.
4.2.32 - Lists of Customer/Purchase orders now show the Required By date of the earliest required row on the order.
4.2.34 - A rare problem in 4.2.33 prevented the 'Goods In' tab being opened. Fixed in 4.2.34 (June 25. 2014)
4.2.35 - "List Customer Orders". Expand/Collapse all orders via [+]/[-] column header.
4.2.36 - Fixed a problem which might prevent items appearing in Reports if they didn't have a supplier.
4.2.37 - Fixed a problem in shortage reports which could cause selected (Buy) items to be "de-selected" again.
4.2.38 - Default shortage report within Work Order window is now the snapshot of affected inventory (Not a Forecast)
4.2.39 - Fixed a problem that could cause miniMRP to error when listing Components By Category or By Supplier.
4.2.40 - Stability improvements. Also (Enterprise) Ability to delete from specific locations rather than 'all' locations.
4.2.41 - Fixed a rare problem in 4.2.40 which could cause program to stop when Customer Order is closed.
4.2.42 - Inventory>By Category/BySupplier shows number of items (in lower right corner) rather than number of rows.
4.2.43 - Improvements to Enterprise - Editing in Inventory grid after switching location could display confusing data.
4.2.44 - Minor update. (fixed show/hide column defaults of inventory grid on new installation)
4.2.45 - Minor update. (Order Info window can now show decimals, if necessary, instead of just whole numbers)
4.2.46 - Fixed a problem which prevented restoring of very large backups (ie those with ~ half a million records)
4.2.47 - In some rare cases creating an invoice would also adjust quantities as if items were being shipped again.
4.2.48 - (Enterprise) (UAC Beta). In some rare cases it is not possible to promote a standard user to Admin.
4.2.49 - (Enterprise) UAC (User Access Control) feature now enabled in the enterprise edition.
4.2.50 - Added an option to underline (ie insert horizontal line between) Item/Rows in MultiLevel BOM.
4.2.51 - (Enterprise) In some rare cases a new supplier could not be allocated a non-default currency
4.2.52 - (Enterprise) Editing a supplier currency/exchange rate did not always recalculate build cost of assemblies.
4.2.52 - (Enterprise) In some rare cases a BOM would show OnHand Qty's in 'default' rather than 'current' location.
4.2.53 - An item that is changed from type ASSY to PART might ignore supplier and show build cost not buy cost.
4.2.54 - (Enterprise) Ensures numerical portion of auto generated GRN numbers are unique across all locations.
4.2.55 - Links can be edited. Links to external executables can include a command line parameter.
4.2.56 - Shortage snapshot no longer tries to print/export Bitmap. Also, links column can be shown in BOM window.
4.2.57 - Updated GRN to prevent duplicate GRN numbers when miniMRP is auto-generating GRN Numbers.
4.2.58 - Improvement to fix in 4.2.57
4.2.59 - Site prefix (if enabled) was not always enabled when re-viewing/re-printing some documents)
4.2.60 - Improvement to fix in 4.2.59
4.2.61 - Fixed program error when exporting Reports/Customer/Supplier report to CSV
4.2.62 - Prevents creation of duplicate part numbers (ie when saving/renaming an existing part)
4.2.63 - Version 4.2.62 did not fully resolve the 'duplicate parts' issue. Improved in this version.
4.2.64 - Fix to PO Receiving (Goods In) module in some non-English installations.
4.2.65 - Minor (cosmetic) bug fix.
4.2.66 - Fixes problem where Purchase Order Total was not immediately updated when item is removed from PO.
4.2.67 - CSV BOM Import now offers option to 'cancel' import if items do not exist. (Instead of creating automatically
4.2.68 - Items can now be tagged as 'Obsolete' or 'Hidden'. Tagged items can still be viewed in a separate list.
4.2.69 - On some low power laptops there was a display lag when opening the Assembly Editor. Fixed in this update.
4.2.70 - Fixes problem in Shortage 'Snapshot' Report which prevented some items being reported as shortages.
4.2.71 - Minor (cosmetic) fix.
4.2.72 - Added 'Category' column to list of Work Orders.
4.2.73 - Added vendor per item "Lead Time" and improved shortage forecast based on lead times.
4.2.74 - Added an 'Over Kit' option so Work Orders can over allocate an item by a percentage. ie to cover waste/loss.
4.2.75 - In some grids columns can be dragged to re-order the columns. MiniMRP remembers the new positions.
4.2.76 - Importing a new Assembly/BOM from CSV did not automatically calculate the build cost. Fixed in this update.
4.2.77 - Added an option in 'Tools/Setup' so printed GRNs can print only affected rows rather than printing all rows.
4.2.78 - Purchase orders can now contain items that do not/will not exist in inventory (Miscellaneous Non-Stock Items).
4.2.79 - Shortage Forecast Report now shows Supplier and Supplier Part Number. (of the item's default supplier)
4.2.80 - Goods Receiving/GRN. The product 'BIN' is editable (can be changed) if the current On Hand quantity is zero.
4.2.81 - Inventory CSV Import can now import UOM column.
4.2.82 - Fixes a problem where Purchase Order window was off-center. Or 'off screen' on some versions of MS Windows.
4.2.83 - Minor fix. Customer order "Show Invoice" button showed incorrect ToolTip/Help.
4.2.85 - If Manufacturer's Abbreviated Name/Code was changed via Contacts form it did not change in existing BOMs.
4.2.86 - Including a "[" (square bracket) in search/filter could throw an error. 4.2.87 - "Supplier Deliveries Past Due" report fixed.

To update:

  1. Backup your data using your current version.
  2. Install the latest version from the main downloads page.
  3. Restore the backup you made.
Note: If you are already using a version since 4.2.6 then there is no need to 'restore' your database after updating. Backup is of course always recommended. You can never take too many backups.



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