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Topic:   Work order issue

By: GuestPosted on: Jul 12 2019 at 02:17:31 AM
How do i only issue part of a work order as opposed to the whole work order, if some components are not yet in stock?

By: SupportPosted on: Jul 12 2019 at 03:07:34 AM
Just issue the whole work order - The OnHand (stock) quantity of any missing items will go below zero temporarily until you receive them from the supplier.

By: GuestPosted on: Jul 14 2019 at 05:32:15 PM
Thanks. Would be nice to be able to issue items on a work order individually. Food for thought for a future upgrade?

By: SupportPosted on: Jul 15 2019 at 06:39:33 AM
When you say "Issue Part of a Work Order".

What do you mean. Do you mean, for example, your work order is for 10 assemblies but you have materials to build (complete) only 5 then you'd want to issue materials to build (complete) 5 and build the remaining 5 later.

Or do you mean that you want to issue a load of materials which may or may not be enough to finish 'some' assemblies.

If you mean the first one then yes. That is already planned for a future upgrade.

But that second one isn't likely to happen. In theory we could do it but it's a can of worms. We'd like to be able to show how many assemblies are allocated, how many issued/WIP and how many are complete. A kind of overview of the stage of the work order. But that overview just wouldn't be possible if we issued materials like that.

By: Michael Kaars at USRobticsPosted on: Jul 15 2019 at 09:57:51 AM
Partially issuing a WO to partially build assemblies is never a good idea. As support say, it can be a can of worms trying to track how many parts are being built into which assemblies, which assemblies are partially complete and which parts are missing on each partially built assembly - just writing that scares the hell out of me.

If you simply want to build a smaller quantity if you don't have enough you can reduce the work order quantity.

Lets say you have a WO to build 100 and the WO is in the Allocated state. Just before going to Issue open the menu at the top of the BOM window and click 'show shortages'. A message box pops up telling you if you have enough to build all 100 or, given your current inventory, how many you could build.

Now that you know how many you could build now you can close the shortage window and change the Issue quantity of the WO. This changes the actual WO quantity but at least you know that you can build them all now. When you get back to the list of work orders just add another WO to build the rest later.

Support mentioned something in a planned/future upgrade. My understanding is that that update, when it comes, will just automate the process I described where if there's a shortage it'll offer the option to 'Split' the work order into two smaller work orders. One that can be issued and built immediately and the other to build the remainder. But that will just automate a process that I'd personally rather do manually myself. It's just a couple of clicks and I prefer seeing it happen.

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Topic:- Work order issue

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