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Topic:   Windows environment variables

By: MartinPosted on: Jan 10 2024 at 01:33:04 AM

Would be possible to use Windows environment variable as part of component link file path.
Example: %HOMEDRIVE%sample_file.txt

I am trying to solve issue where some link files are stored in Dropbox folder. Because Dropbox uses individual PC user name as part of file path, that means same file link does not work between our MiniMrp users.

One workaround would be to create custom Windows environment variable and use it with MiniMrp link path. I tested it and it does not work with MiniMrp. It does works fine with Windows explorer.

By: Ken at DTSPosted on: Jan 10 2024 at 07:47:44 AM
Idea: Can you map a drive letter to the Dropbox folder? Perhaps from the user logon script or some other startup mechanism.

We have a drive letter assigned to the network folder where our documentation files reside. All of our MiniMRP links start with that letter. We the day came to change file servers, we did not have make any changes to the MiniMRP database.

By: MartinPosted on: Jan 10 2024 at 10:33:12 PM
Brilliant, Thank You. Al-tough map network drive option did not work with Dropbox folder, your suggestion did give me idea to map local folder as drive. I used Windows cmd subst command.

By: GuestPosted on: Jan 11 2024 at 07:50:56 AM
But I would suggest you do not use DropBox for MiniMRP.

If a number of users are sharing a drop box file and they don't use the software at the same time then it might work. But if multiple users are working with the data at the same time then data will be lost.

Why doesn't drop box work?

DropBox works by keeping a cached copy of a shared file on each user's computer. All read/write actions the user does are only made to that user's own cached copy. The user never actual writes to a shared dropbox file.

Periodically the dropbox software looks at all the chached copies on each users computer and decides which is the current most recent one. That current one is then sent to each user's cache overwriting what was already there.

The data from each user's cache is not merged in some magical way to keep all users' edits. It's a total overwrite. The file from one user's cache is decide by dropbox to be the most recent and that overwrites everyone else's.

If you do work on your office computer and then go home and do some more work then drop box works fine. It had time to sync the data to both of your computers.

But if two users do something within just a few seconds of each other then one of them will be lost.

This is not a limitation within MiniMRP. It's a limitation in DropBox. It simply was not made to share a lice database where mutiple users can be editing the data at the same time.

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Topic:- Windows environment variables

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