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Topic:   Using an existing parts database

By: DaveHPosted on: Nov 13 2020 at 10:18:33 AM
I have a feeling this isn't going to work for us but I'd like to ask. I have a parts database (Access 2016) that is associated with the schematic capture and circuit board layout system that we use (Mentor). The parts database is broken into multiple tables (capacitors, resistors, diodes, etc.) just to make it easier to find parts when developing a schematic. Once the circuit board is complete, the package will export a BOM in Excel format - our contract board manufacturer wants the BOM in Excel, so that works out quite well. The reason for looking at this is to get improved BOM management and to get features like "where used" on parts. So here are my questions: 1.) Is there any way your package could use my existing tables? If not, is your database file Access compatible such that my schematic package could connect to it? 2.) Can you import an Excel BOM that is generated by my schematic package? 3.) Once the BOM is in MiniMRP, can I export it in Excel format? 4.) Do you have a way to handle alternate parts - multiple manufacturers and manuf. part numbers attached to our internal part number.
Thanks, Dave

By: GuestPosted on: Nov 14 2020 at 04:32:49 AM
Your current database can export a BOM in excel format? Is that XSL or CSV? Most things export things as CSV because CSV can be read by many other soft3are programs including by minimrp.

So. export your BOM in excel format. If it's already CSV then you can import that into minimrp. If its not already a CSV then open the bom in excel and "Save As" CSV.

Then MiniMRP "Import" that CSV to create the BOM in MiniMRP.

Minimrp can import components via the components menu and it can import BOMs via the Assemblies menu. But if your BOM contains many columns such as supplier and manufacturer data I would suggest that you first use the components import because that has the extra columns for supplier, manufacturer etc. This will import all the components - it doesn't duplicate if they already exist - and bring in all those extra columns. Then go to the Assemblies menu and import again. This time it'll create the relationships between assemblies and components but won't actually mport the components again because they already exist.

Yes. BOMs in MiniMRP can be exported as CSV file which is 100% compatible with excel so your board manufacturer should have no problem handling them

BOMs in MniMRP can show Supplier, supplier part number and manufacturer and manufacturer part number. But not alternate suppliers/manufacturers.

We send out BOMs to contract assemblers and as long as they have a manufacturer's part number they have no problem find their own alternate suppliers. But occasionally we have a suggested alternate in minimrp's Custom Field. (See the Custom Fields tab in component detail)

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Topic:- Using an existing parts database

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