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Topic:   Upgrade from Version 1 (Yes, I said ONE from the 1990's)

By: MAsgardPosted on: Jun 28 2018 at 11:45:00 AM
We're still using MiniMRP v1 which we bought over 20 years ago (1996/97 I think).

We stuck with v1 because v2 and v3 didn't have MS SQL Server connection. We did trial v4 but you know how it is. v1 still works fine even in Windows 10 and we're just so busy so never had the time.

When I tell people about MiniMRP they don't believe that we bought this 20 years ago and haven't paid a cent since then.

Anyway. We've got around 20 users on v1 so I guess we'll be paying you something to upgrade those to v5 soon. We want to shutdown our inhouse server and use our web based server to make it easier for remote workers. v1 can't do that!

So. How much is it going to cost to upgrade through versions up to 5 and, technically, how will we migrate the data.


By: SupportPosted on: Jun 28 2018 at 12:27:49 PM
Hello Mark.

To answer your question about cost. No additional cost to skip versions 2,3,4. Just the standard upgrade price of $50 per user.

Your question about migration isn't quite so simple.

1. Download MiniMRP v3. Just the 30 days trial so it won't cost you anything. That can backup your v1 data to a v3 format backup file.

2. Restore that backup into v5.

Now that I write that it doesn't sound complicated at all. Just that step to get the data into a v3 format that v5 can restore.

I also want to add that anyone upgrading from v2 will do the same.

users of v3 or v4 don't need to do anything special. v5 can restore v3 and v4 backup files FROM-TO any of the supported databases.

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Topic:- Upgrade from Version 1 (Yes, I said ONE from the 1990's)

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