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Topic:   Supplier Price Missing

By: GuestPosted on: May 7 2021 at 06:06:18 AM
When i manually create a purchase order, then add various parts, using the "All Parts" tab,if i select a supplier that is already in the suppliers list for that item, the price is not pulled in - it only gets pulled in if was using the "Parts from that supplier".

Is this correct? I thought that it both tabs should pull in the standard price if the supplier is on the list for that part?

The reason i may do this, if i am ordering a against a list, not MRP, i would not know which tab to check.


By: SupportPosted on: May 8 2021 at 08:08:02 AM
Sorry. That's the way it is.

In previous versions the left hand tab would be parts from the current supplier - including that supplier's price. The Right Hand tab used to be part from 'Other' suppliers EXCLUDING parts from the current supplier.

But a few people asked us to make that right hand tab an "All Items" tab ignoring supplier. So, ignoring supplier would also ignore the current supplier's price.

I do understand what you mean though so I have put this into the ToDo list so it can be looked at again. I can't promise that anything will be done though.

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Topic:- Supplier Price Missing

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