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Topic:   SQL Server Express

By: GuestPosted on: Oct 13 2022 at 11:35:35 AM
We are having performance issues with accessing history files and with remote access. SQL server is supported I know. Is SQL server express supported for the database operations?

By: SupportPosted on: Oct 14 2022 at 05:13:01 AM
What kind of performance issues? Do you mean that when you go to an item and click the 'History' tab it takes a long time to load? How long? How many rows?

By: SupportPosted on: Oct 14 2022 at 05:19:27 AM
Your question about remote access. Yes. MiniMRP can access a server running SQL Express. Most people use SQL Express for MiniMRP because it's free and because MiniMRP is unlikely ever to hit any of the 'express' restrictions.

This is likely the way that you've installed SQL Server. SQL Express usually installs with Remote Access disabled by default.

Go into SQL Server Configuration manager and make sure TCP/IP is enabled.

Go into Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, into the server properties and ensure the chbox to allow remote connections is checked.

Also, the server name might need the work 'express' something like "SERVERNAME/EXPRESS".

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Topic:- SQL Server Express

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