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Topic:   soon to be FORMER P&V user...

By: KenPosted on: Dec 12 2019 at 12:48:52 PM
Looking to move forward to a newer program - We now have our P&V database stored on a cloud server Windows 2012R2. We have 3 remote desktop users connected to that server. Each user has a P&V license. This all works well. Can your software operate in this configuration?

By: JackoPosted on: Dec 12 2019 at 03:02:54 PM
For a while we used the standard version of MiniMRP on Amazn cloud connecting via RDP and it worked well.

But now we migrated up to the professional version and have SQL Server on microsoft azure. In this setup minimrp is running in the user's own desktop or laptop computer connecting to the remote sql server.

I've never done it myself but others use MySQL in the cloud or on their own websites or using NAS personal cloud storage or VPS. Basically MiniMrp has a lot of different options. But to answer your question. Yes. You can use it over RDP. It's a free trial so give it a go. try a few different methods. RDP works but personally I'd recommend running the minimrp program locally in the user's own computer connecting to remote SQL Server.

By: JackoPosted on: Dec 12 2019 at 03:04:07 PM
Sorry. I meant "VPN" as in Virtual Private Network (Not VPS)

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Topic:- soon to be FORMER P&V user...

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