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Topic:   Showing shortages in report on multiple assemblies

By: GuestPosted on: Apr 10 2019 at 04:14:53 PM
Running a test shortage report for a top-level BOM with 3 sub-assemblies below it. When I allocate at the top level to drill down and look at all shortages, is there a way to see the part shortage by sub-assembly in the report? The report has blank lines indicating the multiple usage, but no part number indicating which sub-assembly.
Running V5Pro


By: SupportPosted on: Apr 11 2019 at 07:42:38 AM
You said "blank lines indicating multiple usage" so I assume you're talking about the shortage forecast report.

One of the columns in that report is "Event" containing the Work Order number or the Purchase Order Number indicating the reason(s) for the shortage.

In the case of Work Order I suppose we could also display the top level product where the item is required. But you're asking about sub assembly.

I think if we showed the sub assembly someone else will want the parent of that sub assembly and others will want the top level product etc.

So, in this case, I think what we'll do is allow you to double-click the cell in the event column and we'll pop open a window showing the work order BOM or PO or whatever else the row is referring to.

Would that help?

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Topic:- Showing shortages in report on multiple assemblies

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