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Topic:   Shortages Report - Missing PO (i) for an assembly

By: Guest888Posted on: Apr 26 2022 at 07:55:51 AM
I ran a shortages report for a work order and most of the items that are short (that have a PO) show the link to the PO. But... For an assembly (in the work order) the shortage report lists the individual items in the assembly but the report does not list the purchase order for these items.

By: ReynaPosted on: Apr 26 2022 at 01:43:16 PM
I am having this same issue.

By: SupportPosted on: Apr 27 2022 at 10:28:17 AM
We are looking in to this.

By: SupportPosted on: May 3 2022 at 09:52:51 AM
I'm sorry for the delay coming back to you about this.

I've been looking at this eery which way and I can't reproduce the problem.

I may have misunderstood the original question/problem. This is how I'm trying to reproduce the problem.

I have a work order in the 'Allocated' state. The BOM has components in the top level and a sub ASSY (not CSAS) assembly also containing components.

Many of the components in both levels of the BOM have a shortages. I created POs to buy one component from the top level and one component in the sub assembly.

At the top of the BOM window is the little menu button. I open that and select the option to show the shortages.

All of the shortages in both levels of the BOM do appear in the report as expected.

The two items where I'd created a PO also have the little blue (i) button. I click that and the little window pops open showing the PO number etc. giving me instant access to the relevant POs.

So I'm not seeing the problem as I've understood it.

If I've done something wrong please email

By: GuestPosted on: May 3 2022 at 10:00:52 AM
Can I add that the report you're all talking about is not good for purchasing. It only looks at that one work order and ignores all other work orders. So if a common component was needed by more than one work order then the simple report you're talking about would not take the other work orders in to consideration and you'd potentially be unaware of shortages.

The only way to properly identify shortages is via the main shortage forecast report in the "Reports" menu. The main shortage forecast does look across all work orders and tells you what you need to buy to complete ALL work orders.

By: Guest888Posted on: May 9 2022 at 12:59:45 PM
I'll try to explain again.
I have a "stock work order" for an assembly. It has components and also sub-assemblies. I have a PO for a sub-assembly. If I am viewing the work order in "Stock Work Orders" and select "show shortages" the individual parts in the sub-assembly are listed as having a shortage but they don't have a blue circle with an "I" in the "on order" column.

By: SupportPosted on: May 10 2022 at 03:45:35 AM
I think we're talking about the same thing but I can't reproduce the problem. If an Order exists and a quantity OnOrder quantity is in the OnOrder column then a little (i) should appear.

Would you take a screenshot please and email to

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Topic:- Shortages Report - Missing PO (i) for an assembly

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