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Topic:   Shortage report not working

By: GuestPosted on: Mar 6 2020 at 01:41:35 PM
For our evaluation of MiniMRP, I've imported our P&V database into v5.0.66.0 (s) and I'm not able to get Shortage reporting to work properly. I set all our component inventory levels to 0 to test, then I created Work Orders for a few BOMs and Issued Materials. In the Allocated column in the Components page, I can see the expected negative quantities. However, none of these components show up in the first two Shortage reports (Shortage - At or Below Minimum seems to work). I also find it strange that the Components page, the Required column is blank (empty) and the Qty column shows negative quantities. Seems to me the Components page should be like the Assemblies page, where my top level BOM has Require showing the number ordered and Qty remains at 0.

What am I doing wrong? I tried setting the Min Inventory level for the necessary components to > 0 but that didn't help either.
I like the product and am ready to purchase but for this problem. Thank You for your help.

By: Guest JasonPosted on: Mar 8 2020 at 06:50:34 AM
In MiniMRP a work order can be in different stages.

#1 "Allocated" = Planning/Forecasting
#2 "Issued" = WIP/Work In Progress = components are taken from inventory and you've started building.
#3 "Finished" = work order is completed = finished assemblies/product is put into inventory/

I've never seen that P&V but the package I used before MiniMRP did not have anything like an allocation stage. Actually I think it did but it was so complicated that I just couldn't use it so the only way I could plan ahead was to actually 'issue/Kit' a work order and run a report that showed up the negatives. I think quite a few 'mrp' programs do a similar thing.

But MiniMRP has that "Allocation" stage for a work order.

You don't need to issue/kit a work order in minimrp. Just Allocate it. This doesn't take the items out of inventory it just tells minimrp that you would like to start planning that work order and it will start showing shortages for the allocated work orders. The shortage snapshot and shortage forecast only show shortages that prevent you issuing in future.

Once you take a work order to the Issue stage then that's work in progress. That work order is beyond 'forecasting'.

So, for forecasting into future put work orders into the 'Allocated' state.

For seeing what you have to buy to replenishyour negative inventory use the 'All below Minimum report - or just sort the All components grid by OnHand Quantity.

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Topic:- Shortage report not working

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