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Topic:   Returning to desktop version

By: MatthewPosted on: Nov 13 2023 at 09:04:38 AM
I would like to revert from using the network based SQL version to the desktop version. What is the process? I have both licenses.

By: GuestPosted on: Nov 16 2023 at 11:42:22 AM
When you did the setup of the SQL Database you would have used their sql tools program (in the program/tools folder) to create the sql database and, maybe, migrate your data from the desktop up to the SQL Server.

Just use that same sql tools program to connet to sql server and 'Backup' the sql database. I think some versions call it backing up to a minimrp migration file.

Once you have that backup. Just restart your minimrp in local/desktop mode and restore that backup.

and that's it.

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Topic:- Returning to desktop version

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