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Topic:   Raspberry pi. Anyone?

By: MartinPosted on: Jan 3 2021 at 05:36:49 AM
As I said. Can I use Raspberry pi as a minimrp database server?

By: GuestPosted on: Jan 4 2021 at 05:00:03 AM
Yes it does. Very well indeed. Raspberry pi is quite a powerful little computer. You can very easily install MariaDB (MySQL) on raspberry and client PCs running minimrp can connect to it across your network.

I'm a bit of a pi enthusiast. I like experimenting with pi for all sorts of things so had no trouble setting it up. If you know what "sudo apt install mariadb-server" means then you'll have no problem setting up you pi to act as your minimrp server. If you don't know what it means just google how to install mariadb on pi and you'll be set.

In the end though the novelty of using pi wore off, and I wanted my pi for other fun projects :) so I switched to using a NAS drive for minimrp instead. Most NAS drives come with mysql pre-installed or have an option to install it.

You could setup RAID on pi but using a NAS with the disks all built into a box is just tidier than having a pi with drives stuck on the side.

So. Yes. pi works perfectly. But NAS is just neater.

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Topic:- Raspberry pi. Anyone?

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