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Topic:   Purchase Order Notes / P O Notes

By: Mark AustraliaPosted on: Oct 12 2021 at 03:51:22 PM
Does anyone have any tricks to add more instructions to a Purchase Order - The 500 characters is insufficient. We probably need 1500 -2000? Thanks

By: GuestPosted on: Oct 13 2021 at 10:24:27 AM
We need to send an additional A4 page of terms and conditions to the supplier. But it's the same T&Cs for every PO. So I have that on a separate sheet that I attach to the email when I send the order. In a way I'd like it within minimrp but I suppose having minimrp store such a lot of identical data with every PO would just increase the size of the database unnecessarily.

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Topic:- Purchase Order Notes / P O Notes

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