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Topic:   Process with Painted Parts

By: JDHPosted on: Jan 12 2023 at 11:10:56 PM
I believe I have a workaround for my situation, but I simply wanted to ask if anyone had other thoughts.

I have an assembly that we weld in-house. Let's call it W001. I have components that make up this weldment that I issue purchase orders for, receive them, create a work order with those parts, allocate, and complete the order for all the components and assemblies to show correctly in inventory. The flow of the process works great!

After we complete welding, most of those assemblies (W001) need to be sent off to paint in varies colors. And herein lies the issue. To make a PO in the system I must have the correct color so I have created additional assemblies labeled W0001BLUE or W0001RED, etc. Once I receive those painted assemblies, the inventory shows correct for the corresponding color, but I still have an inflated value in the unpainted W001 assembly. I need to keep inventory of unpainted ones as well. Am I correct in saying that there isn't really a way to have an automated "flow" for this type of process?

The only way I can think around this is that whenever I create my PO for the painted parts I simply do a manual adjustment. For example, let's say I have (20) assemblies of W001. I create a PO for (15) assemblies of W001BLUE. At that moment so I don't forget I do a manual adjustment to decrease the inventory of W001 to (5).

Does this seem like the best way for me to accomplish what we are trying to track?

By: SupportPosted on: Jan 13 2023 at 09:10:25 AM
If W001 (unpainted assembly) was set up as CSAS and the assembly for W0001BLUE calls for 1 x blue paint and 1 x W001 then every time you build W0001BLUE it would take blue paint and a W001 out of your inventory.

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Topic:- Process with Painted Parts

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