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Topic:   PO Note field

By: Frank LucePosted on: Jun 18 2020 at 01:41:23 PM
only 6 lines of text will print when printing the PO to PDF, even if there are more then 6 lines of information in the field.

By: GuestPosted on: Jun 19 2020 at 06:11:15 AM
That's correct.

Just to the right of the Notes box is a small button with a [?] question mark. Click that and it says:-

Text entered into this comments box will show at the bottom of the Purchase Order
Use it for instructions to your supplier such as an alternate delivery address.
Maximum of 500 characters permitted. When printing there is space at the bottom
of the page for 6 lines of text. Any more than 6 may be discarded.

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Topic:- PO Note field

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