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Topic:   PO Boxes

By: clarePosted on: Sep 5 2018 at 08:08:04 AM
On a PO there are 4 boxes which have information in, ie, PO Number, Order Date, Required by Date, and there is a blank box under this, please can you advise what should be in this box or how we populate it? what we would want in there is some sort of free text reference box to put in job number, or quote or reference number?

By: SupportPosted on: Sep 6 2018 at 09:38:27 AM
Sorry. No. There's nothing in that box.

For free text see the comments box. At the bottom left of the PO window is a small 'NotePad' button. Click that a box appears where you can enter your text.

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Topic:- PO Boxes

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