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Topic:   Partial issue of works orders

By: Simon QPosted on: Mar 30 2021 at 09:48:31 AM
Please excuse these ramblings. This isn't really a problem with MiniMRP, more a problem with my uderstanding of how I should be using MiniMRP, so if anyone can advise how to reprogram my brain, thank you.

The MRP system I used at my old company was set to not allow OnHand quantities to go negative, so when issuing components to a works order, it would only issue what was in stock. You also had the option to manually unissue individual components from one works order so that you could manually issue them to another works order if required.

In MiniMRP, I tried issuing works orders even if all the components weren't in stock but it quickly became confusing (to me at least) having negative OnHand quantities. Leaving works orders as alloated but not issued means that a shortage report for one works order doesn't take into account other works orders in it's calculations.

I tried raising a works order for ten asemblies, but to issue parts for just two assemblies. The works order changed so that the required quantity for finished assemblies is only two as opposed to the original ten. In this case I would then have to raise another works order for the other eight.

The previous stock control/accounts program I used was many tens of thousands of pounds and could be multi company / multi currency / multi warehouse, so this isn't a complaint about MiniMRP which I think is great value for money and ideal for my new small manufacturing business. I am just interested to know if I am missing something and there is a better way to use it.


By: SupportPosted on: Mar 31 2021 at 12:10:06 PM
MiniMRP has always allowed the OnHand quantity to go negative. I don't think anyone ever complained about it before.

Your comment about un-issuing components. In MiniMRP you can UnDo the whole work order, change the work order quantity and then reissue.

Your comment about the Work Order Shortage Report. I personally don't like that report. It is only there to answer the question "Can I Build This NOW". Or, more accurately, the question should be: "IGNORING EVERYTHING ELSE Can I build this NOW with my current on hand inventory". Please do not use the Work Order Shortage report for anything other than that. You can not use it for forecasting.

For forecasting you should go to Menu-Reports-Shortages-Shortage Forecast. This report takes all work orders and purchase orders into consideration.

You hit the nail on the head there when you mention your previous program costing 10's of thousands of pounds. Much of that cost would have been for training days as well. MiniMRP simply isn't supposed to compete with those large packages.

Having said that the 'Pro' version of MiniMRP does have some currency capability. Suppliers in different currencies etc. Also multiple warehouses.

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Topic:- Partial issue of works orders

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