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Topic:   Part Number Generation

By: Declan ArmstrongPosted on: Aug 16 2017 at 11:36:10 AM
Hi there, we are just getting setup using this software and about to create new part numbers for all our inventory. What I would like to know is what is the recommended way of creating a part number or rather what works best for this MRP Package. Is it best to use the 'smart' part numbering system where a part number can describe the product (i.e M3-Screw-10-brass) or is it better to go down the new route of having a random part number (i.e 48360) but going into a lot of detail in the description of the part?

By: SupportPosted on: Aug 17 2017 at 04:20:05 PM
It's just personal preference. Whatever you feel better with.

Take a look in the Item Detail window - that's the window where you can edit the description etc. In there you see a row of tabs across the middle of the page one of which is labelled "Custom Fields". These are fields where you can add additional data. If you enable Custom Field #1 then that will appear, in the "All Components" over to the left between the part number and description.

So, there's no reason why you can't put a simple number into the Part Number field and use the "Description" and "Custom #1" for text.

Which brings me on to an update coming near the end of this year - or maybe early next year.

Automatic Part Number Generation. Once that's available/enabled by the user, MiniMRP can generate simple numeric/incrementing part numbers automatically. The idea is that you'll use the Description and Custom#1 for the item name and description. That Custom#1 field will become more prominent and appear by default (so no longer a custom field that needs to be enabled.

Of course you can rename the Custom#1 heading to something more meaningful.

So. If you did start creating your items with numeric part numbers and using the Custom field and description for the meaningful text then you'll be all set for when the next version of MiniMRP start allocating number automatically.

Sorry about the long post. I hope I explained it clearly? :o)

By: Declan ArmstrongPosted on: Aug 23 2017 at 12:42:32 PM
Many thanks for the reply, its great that you are already a step ahead in creating a Automatic Part Number Generation function. You say it will increment part numbers automatically, is it possible that it could create a random 5 digit number per item. The reason I ask this is if I have an m3 brass screw that is 15mm long with a part number of 01345, and I then enter another m3 brass screw but 10mm long the part number would be 01346 correct? If however these two parts have completely different numbers (e.g 29671 for m3 x 15 brass screw, 10734 for m3 x 10 brass screw) then the people in stores are less likely to pick up the wrong part. So what I am asking is could the part number generation also be of a random integer?

By: GuestPosted on: Aug 23 2017 at 05:43:38 PM
Hello Declan. I understand what you mean by 'random' number. I'm just not sure I agree with your reasoning.

If you have a shelf where your different M3 brass screws of different lengths are stored side by side then having random part numbers isn't going to save you.

Maybe you could arrange your store so that items that look similar are stored away from each other and instruct the picker to always use the BIN (shelf/bay/box id number) and to go there to pick the item.

By having the similar items a distance apart you also ensure that when items come from suppliers the stores person also uses the BIN to know where to put the items - rather than throwing them all into a tub with other items that almost look the same. The problem you're trying to fix is often caused at the GoodsReceiving stage where any part numbering scheme is not going to save you later when it comes to picking.

It's an age old problem where, in my experience, the only way to fix it is to stand behind the putters and the pickers with a big stick and rap them across the knuckles if they put/pick without double checking especially when it comes to items that look the same.

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