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Topic:   Non-Stock item

By: stevetPosted on: Jun 8 2022 at 09:26:50 AM
Can I create a permanent non-stock item on this system?

Basically each time I want to order some non-stock items (packaging loose fill, office supplies, stickers etc) I have two options. The first is to look up the code, price and order quantites outside of the MRP and manually enter that information in a purchase order under the temporary non stock line.
The second option is to make a component for it, in which I can save all the details and order/add to BOMs as normal, but then I would have to remember to manually book it out once it has been booked in. Otherwise it will just contine to grow throwing off our stock valuations.

Ideally I want to find a third option, where I can save it as a component but not have the stock quantity ever change or show up on shortages etc. It was something you can do on SAGE and although I realise this is a more basic system I was hoping there was some box I can tick to mark it as non-stock to achieve this. Is that possible or does it not exist on this system?

By: SimonQPosted on: Jun 8 2022 at 09:52:03 AM
Yes you can. Set the Type to MISC.
From the online user guide:

MISC (Miscellaneous item) - You can use this Type for items such as 'Labor' that doesn't physically exist in your inventory but which still has a cost associated with it. For example a MISC item can appear on a BOM with a quantity and a cost affecting the total build cost. But when the work order is processed these MISC items are not physically taken out of inventory. Their OnHand quantity can remain at zero.

By: stevetPosted on: Jun 9 2022 at 06:30:10 AM
That's perfect thank you SimonQ. Life saver

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