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Topic:   New Component- Detail vs Description

By: GuestPosted on: Apr 15 2020 at 01:11:19 AM

I am wondering what the intent is of detail vs description in the component tabs?

Description to me would be a sentence describing what the component is. What is detail though? Is this a shortened description? I have noticed that either one can be used to describe the component in different places throughout MiniMRP.

Thanks in advance.

By: Ken at DTSPosted on: Apr 15 2020 at 06:10:52 AM
The Detail field, in earlier versions of MiniMRP, was simply the first of the five Custom Fields. In MiniMRP v5 it was "promoted" from a part's Custom Field tab to the main portion of the Component screen.

The Detail field can be used for any purpose you like, but in other MRP programs such a field is often used as an prominent searchable and sortable field. For example, a customer-facing order code, or an alternate part number, or an engineering status field.

Pro tip: If one wishes to change the "Detail" label to something of your own choosing, first backup the database... then use Microsoft Access to edit the "tbldefaults" table's "CustomLabels" record's "Field1" value.

By: GuestPosted on: Apr 15 2020 at 07:13:36 PM
Thanks Ken,

Thought there might be some standard use that was used in the community.

I'll talk to the team and see if it's worth putting the field to use.

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Topic:- New Component- Detail vs Description

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