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Topic:   Multiple manufacturers or linked components?

By: GuestPosted on: Mar 7 2023 at 04:17:29 AM
The problem: We buy multiple components that have direct alternatives. This causes problems when it comes to both a) having two different component entries and b) having one component entry with different options within.

An example: We use a 63A 22x58 Fuse from two different manufacturers. The C22G63 by Bussmann and the LFN22G63 by Lawson. If we have have a) two different component entries and we run out of stock for the one linked to the BOM then the MRP will show on reports that we can't build any, despite having plenty of the other component. And the BOM will need to be changed frequently to match. Alternatively if b) we have one entry with different options within then currently we can only mark 1 manufacturer, and it will make accurate stock keeping tricky.

The solutions: An easy solution is to allow the MRP to mark multiple companies as "manufacturer" within the component entry. This doesn't fix the accuracy of stock keeping but it will allow multiple options for a single component if we want to.
The more complex solution would be to allow the BOM to have an option to link components. So the BOM automatically dips into component B if there's not stock of component A.

By: GuestPosted on: Mar 7 2023 at 08:09:36 AM
Do you buy these parts directly from the different manufacturers? Or do you have one supplier that supplies both components from either manufacturer's.

Why not create your own unique part number, for example "63A22X58" and set it up with two different suppliers. Or the same supplier with two different supplier part numbers.

In any case when the fuses arrive from any supplier they just go into the same box on your shelf and any BOM pulls components from that box without caring which manufacturer's fuses are being used.

The above assumes that the fuse from either supplier is identical so doesn't need to be counted in your inventory seperately.

Wouldn't that work?

But to answer your question. No. MiniMRP can't automatically pull an alternative component if the default component is short.

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Topic:- Multiple manufacturers or linked components?

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