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Topic:   Multi-User use cases- SQL vs. Dropbox

By: RichardPosted on: Apr 16 2020 at 08:53:38 AM
I'm new to this running V5.0.70.0 - PRO- Just bought a few licenses, but unsure how to make it easy for myself and others to all be able to access, and make changes keeping it SIMPLE and with the least amount of Headaches - SQL sounds nice, but keeping the file in a corporate Dropbox seems the same, but when I research, it is possibly very different.

Anyone have experience with the pros & Cons? My intent would be to outsource an IT company to setup some type of SQL - will this meet my expectations of Simple and No Headache with multi-user???

By: GuestPosted on: Apr 16 2020 at 12:42:40 PM
Dropbox? If it was just one user who put the database in a dropbox folder and did some work in the office and then went home and did some more work on the same dropboxed data file then it would probably work very well.

But to have multiple users reading and writing at the same time - no. It wouldn't work. Not a limitation in MniMRP. But a limitation of DropBox. Dropbox was not designed for such sharing. Dropbox is for sharing documents, pictures etc. It's great at that. But to have multiple users actually editing those documents at the same time is not going to work. Dropbox simplay can't sync fast enough. Data would eventually be lost or the datafile could become corrupt.

If you have multiple users on the same local network then just use the standard sharing method.


You could even use the standarad sharing method if remote users had access to you local network - perhaps via a local VPN - but internet speed would need to be pretty good.

But if you do have users in different geographical locations then SQL is always the best. Setting it up might be a job for your IT people bt once it's working it just works.

By: RichardPosted on: Apr 27 2020 at 10:38:33 AM
does anyone out there have a recommendation for cloud based SQL providers? I had considered a server here on my desktop, but would like alternatives if there are good ones.

By: GuestPosted on: Apr 28 2020 at 04:20:20 AM
We use Google Cloud SQL. But Amazon AWS also exists and there's even a couple of 'free' MySQL services out there but I don't know how reliable they'd be.

Both google and Amazon have very low priced entry levels. MiniMRP doesn't need much power or space so the entry level is more than enough.

One problem with any cloud based SQL Server is that they usually expect the client machines to have fixed IP addresses so you can enter those into the server and the server can then simply ignore traffic from other machine IP addresses.

If you have fixed/known IP for your users then setup is easy. But most roaming clients, laptops etc. don't have fixed/known IP addresses so this can be difficult to configure. Google gets round that problem by giving you a secure proxy certificate. It's a tiny piece of software that you install on each of your computers. Then software on the computers such as MiniMRP just connects to the locally installed proxy via the machine's own local ip ( and the proxy manages all the connection protocol, encryption etc to the google server.

So. search the web for "Google Cloud SQL". Create an account. You get a lot of free usage more than enough to play with. See the connection methods which are Fixed IP or Google Proxy. As said fixed IP is easier if you have fixed IP but Proxy also work fine and I suppose is more secure. But it's a bit wierd to setup but your computer dept will have no problem with it.

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Topic:- Multi-User use cases- SQL vs. Dropbox

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