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Topic:   MRP Ordering

By: AJSPosted on: Dec 9 2021 at 05:34:32 AM
I am testing the software, i am a bit confused with the MRP report. When i tick the "Buy" box next to the part i need, i then go to purchasing and select the supplier, but it shows the total quantity - not the MRP quantity.

I assumed that this is the MRP bit, i.e. i would expect to be able to add each requirement to the order, scheduled in time - is this not what an MRP should do?

This way i would have to raise and order for a quantity in the period i am interested (normally monthyl), run the MRP, raise another, run the MRP etc.etc?

By: GuestPosted on: Dec 9 2021 at 07:14:28 AM
If you have work orders in the allocated state and you look in the shortage reports and put a checkmark in the 'buy' box and then create a PO then the PO will automatically pre-populate the order quantity with the total required for all Allocated work orders

That 'Allocated' thing is the key. Don't put work orders into the allocated state unless you're ready to start ordering materials for it.

At least that's how my version works. Don't know if they've changed that behavior in newer version?

By: AJSPosted on: Dec 9 2021 at 10:54:29 AM
Thanks. Yes this is how it’s working.

I expected that each line requirement should be ticked, which then added a line to the purchase order for that amount / date.

Makes it quite a manual process.

By: JasonPosted on: Dec 10 2021 at 03:54:57 AM
Not really. I enter my work orders into the system as soon as I get the order from my customer. But I don't Allocate the WO's yet. I think maybe that "Allocation" stage ought to be named Planning or Buying or something like that.

I tend to only put WO's into the allocated state when I actually want to start identifying shortages and getting materials ordered.

If I find myself ordering for work orders that are far out into the future then I question why those work orders were moved to the allocated state yet.

By: AJSPosted on: Dec 10 2021 at 07:34:53 AM
I understand.

The thing is - i get customer order way in advance (becuase parts are hard to get) so i want to ge the on order, but scheduled to match the customer order. So i need them in the allocated state, i just thought that MRP meant that i would get the option to order the required quantity each month, without having to manually do this.

But i can see thats not how this is working.

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Topic:- MRP Ordering

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