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Topic:   Moving to V5

By: GuestPosted on: Jun 28 2018 at 05:34:58 AM
As the new version is getting closer to release, we are trying to plan for any unintentional hiccups. We have added a lot of fields (customizations) to multiple tables of MiniMRP over the years. Will these customizations carry over to V5 when the database is updated?

By: SupportPosted on: Jun 28 2018 at 11:37:04 AM
Do you mean that you've used tools such as MS SQL Server Management Studio and/or MS Access to open the datafile and actually add new columns to the database tables?

Or do you mean that you've used the 'Custom Fields' within MiniMRP?

If you mean you've enabled/edited custom fields via the 'Custom Fields' tab within MiniMRP then yes. They will transfer as they are to v5.

But if you mean you've been adding new columns to the data file 'outside' of MiniMRP then no. They won't be carried over because MiniMRP wouldn't even know those columns exist.

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Topic:- Moving to V5

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