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Topic:   Monthly Forecast

By: Jim SnowPosted on: Mar 25 2021 at 06:42:56 PM
Does the MiniMRP have a monthly forecast function for the final product?

By: GuestPosted on: Mar 26 2021 at 03:18:20 AM
Minimrp has a shortage forecast report.

We do it like this.

During the month we get orders from customers for next month and beyond sometimes months ahead. As I get the customer orders I immediately create Work Orders to build those products. Just create the WorkOrders. Don't process, allocate or issue anything. Enter the build date so minimrp knows when you'd like to build. But, as i said, don't process/allocate yet.

One week before the end of the month I go to my list of work orders and any work orders that are to be built next month I move to the 'Allocated' state. That state doesn't take materials from stock. It just tells minimrp that you'd like to build.

Then go to the menu, reports, shortages, shortage forecast. That lists everything I need to buy in order to complete next months.

At first that forecast might look a little confusing but it really is very simply. It shows demand (workOrders) and supply (PurchaseOrders) side by side in date order showing any shortages and when the shortage is expected to occur.

If you have a lot of products with long lead times you could allocate your work orders 2 or even 3 weeks in advance but we find that last week of the month works for us.

By: Jim SnowPosted on: Mar 30 2021 at 04:02:20 PM

Thanks for replying to my question. Our products will be available to our customers from inventory, so demand needs to be forecasted to execute a supply chain that is several months long. From your experience, could I create workorders out into the future that would represent our expected customer consumption?

By: Guest (Mark)Posted on: Mar 31 2021 at 12:15:44 PM
MiniMRP can't forecast anything unless you input the data.

You ought to know how many of a particular product you want to keep on the shelf just in case a customer orders it.

You probably don't want to build a whole year's worth of product a year ahead of requirement. So it's up to you to create work orders. Watch your OnHand inventory of product and once it gets to a certain (low) level you release a work order to build more. But how you run your business is up to you.

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Topic:- Monthly Forecast

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