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By: GuestPosted on: Apr 14 2023 at 07:14:45 AM
Is there any way to use Misc Suppliers in a component as the manufacturer? Most of the time the manufacturer of a component is not the supplier for that component. Which means that our Supplier list is half filled with entries of manufacturers. It's useful information to have but it's a shame it's mixed in with the same list.

I was hoping that when you open the window to add a supplier to a component there would be a second tab to choose a Misc contact instead. Sort of like when adding components to a Purchase Order there's one tab for components linked to the supplier and a second tab for ALL components.

It has been also been limiting for a while that you can only set one Manufacturer. For certain components there are multiple brands which do the same thing. So it would be much easier if the components supplier had 2 extra collumns for "manufacturer" and "manufacturer part number" instead of them having to be added as additional lines. This way you could set as many manufacturers as there are suppliers for a part. And double clicking on them opens their Misc Contact page.

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Topic:- Misc Contacts

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