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Topic:   MiniMRP Compatibility

By: AfterDarkPosted on: Nov 18 2019 at 03:25:49 PM
Our client using MiniMRP Ent ver 4.2.11 and connects to SQL 2008 running on Windows 2008 R2.
We are planning to upgrade SQL server to 2019/2017 on Windows server 2019/2016.
Can you please advise:
1. Compatibility of MiniMRP with these versions
2. Migration guide or instructions
3. Is there a cloud-based option

By: JasonPosted on: Nov 20 2019 at 09:52:42 AM
1. I'm not aware of any issues running MiniMRP v4.2 connecting to most recent versions of MSSQLServer.

2. Special migration should be necessary. Maybe just backup your sql databases on the old server and restore into the new server.

3. Cloud-Based option. Using MiniMRP v5 you could put the MS SQLServer into AWS or Azure or migrate to MySQL Server. In those cases MiniMRP (The program) would still be running on your local computer/desktop connecting to a cloud-side database server.

By: JasonPosted on: Nov 20 2019 at 10:04:49 AM
Sorry. Typo. I meant: 2. Special migration should NOT be necessary.

By the way, I'm a user not support. we've got it connecting to MSSQLServer (v2016) on our in-house network. Remote users connect from outside over a VPN into our network. So not a true cloud system but having the program running in my desktop is, I think, better than running it in a browser.


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Topic:- MiniMRP Compatibility

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