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Topic:   Migrating Between Local File To SQL

By: JackiePosted on: Nov 19 2020 at 07:42:17 AM
I was looking thought your tutorials, but I could not found found how do I export between the two.

By: SupportPosted on: Nov 19 2020 at 09:59:28 AM

It's not in the two minute tour. But it is in the full User Guide. (See the User Guide button in the bottom right corner of the MiniMRP program window.

But here's the page.

MS SQL Server

You do need to be using the 'Pro' version of MiniMRP (Standard version can't connect to SQL Server)

By: GuestPosted on: Nov 20 2020 at 09:49:04 AM
If you are currently using the default database then go to the very bottom of the menu into 'Backup/Restore'. Make a backup. Make a note of the name and location of backup file.

Now go toc:program files(x86)`MiniMrp5Tools and run the DBTools program. Use that to connect to your SQL Server. When you've connected some tabs appear. One of the is "Restore". Use that to restore the backup file you made earlier. This migrates it up to SQL Server.

Using the PRO version of mini mrp you need to go to the Database Setup menu and connect to your SQL Server. You're now using mini mrp with sql server.

You can go the other direction as well by using DBTools program to make a backup from SQL server then switch minimrp back to default mode and restore the database back in.

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Topic:- Migrating Between Local File To SQL

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