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Topic:   Mfg Part Number

By: MatthewPosted on: Jan 24 2018 at 03:30:55 PM
How do you load both a mfg and mfg part number?

By: GuestPosted on: Jan 25 2018 at 05:00:45 AM
In the current version of MiniMRP a Manufacturer is also a Supplier (You can buy from the manufacturer)

So, in the 'Item Detail' window > Suppliers tab add the manufacturer the same way as any other supplier for that item.
To the left of each supplier is the small [>] button. Click that and select the option to make that supplier into the manufacturer.
That contact's name and part number will now appear on Bills of Material as the Manufacturer.

By: MatthewPosted on: Jan 30 2018 at 02:38:21 PM
If I want to add both a Mfg and a Supplier how do a set the name of the Supplier? it defaults to "Unknown"

By: SupportPosted on: Jan 31 2018 at 02:44:50 AM
The answer above. on January 25. Explains it well. Did you try that?

Just add two (or more) suppliers to that list. Set one of them as the default supplier and set one of them as the manufacturer.

By: MatthewPosted on: Jan 31 2018 at 12:07:01 PM
yes, I tried adding a second supplier and setting it Supplier. the Supplier is not listed in the default list so I can only add an "unknown" Supplier and then I cannot rename.

By: GuestPosted on: Jan 31 2018 at 01:38:56 PM
Do you have any suppliers in your database?

In the menu see the "contacts" menu. Select the option to Add supplier. Add one or more new suppliers.

Now you can go to item detail and add the supplier to the item

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Topic:- Mfg Part Number

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