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Topic:   Mass Transfer between Warehouses

By: NathanPosted on: Apr 15 2021 at 11:12:16 PM
TL;DR - Is there a way to mass transfer zero counts of components and assemblies between sites?

I am in the process of setting up miniMRP to manage multi-stage manufacture of electronic devices across multiple warehouses. The majority of our assemblies include dozens of components and the work orders can be generated at various sites depending on capacity and the capabilities of available staff. This means that various sites (we have six setup) will carry inventory of the same components.

We are about to undertake stocktake and enter the values into miniMRP prior to our 'go live' date but are finding that components and assemblies only exist at the default site. This is creating fiddly admin in transferring a zero qty of a component from the default site to the site being counted so that we can perform the count and create an adjustment to enter the available quantity. This is slow going with almost 300 components and 200 distinct assemblies across the six sites.

Is there a way to mass transfer all components and assemblies from the default site to other sites in the network to streamline this process please?

By: GuestPosted on: Apr 16 2021 at 11:24:03 AM
In site-A export to CSV

Then switch the computer/session to site_B and import that CSV. You don't need to import everything. Just the part number.

But make a backup before doing anything then you can restore and try again if it doesn't do what you expect.

By: NathanPosted on: Apr 18 2021 at 03:35:51 PM
Awesome, thank you very much for your help!! Much appreciated.

By: AnotherGuestPosted on: Apr 19 2021 at 04:25:10 AM
What 'Guest' said.

But as well as Part Number be aware of the Revision column. If your Items have revisions you'll need to export and import the revision column. If the PartNumber+Revision aren't the same then MiniMRP will create a whole new item instead of copying to the other location.

If you don't have revisions on any of the items you want copy across then don't export import the revision column at all.

By: NathanPosted on: Apr 25 2021 at 06:35:48 PM
Good to know, thank you!

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Topic:- Mass Transfer between Warehouses

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