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Topic:   Locating database file on SharePoint

By: JDPosted on: Dec 12 2023 at 10:05:05 PM
Just wondering if rather than hosting the standard miniMRP database on a server, whether it could be located on a SharePoint site? Would it function with multiple users?

By: GuestPosted on: Dec 16 2023 at 08:59:45 AM
You'd think that things like DropBox or iDrive ,or whatever they're called, would have one copy of the shared file out in the cloud that all of your users accesses.

But they don't work like that.

How they work is that each user has, for example, a local dropbox folder containing the file and any edits that user makes only go into the local file that local dropbox folder.

Then, periodically, your locally installed dropbox software wakes up and compares your local copy of the file with a cached copy out in the cloud. If your local copy is newer than the cloud cached copy then the local copy of the file is copied to the cloud cache.

If another user then switches on their computer their dropbox software would see the new cached copy of the file out in the cloud and copy it into the local dropbox folder.

Here's an example. You do some work in the office. Then go home and switch on your home computer. You would be able to continue working at home. Dropbox would be ideal for this kind of thing.

But if two users are updating the data at the same time then drop box can not merge the changes. It just has to decide which is newer and that then overwtites the other user's edits. Dropbox was not meant for this kind of sharing.

Now I don't know how sharepoint works. But it's likely a similar method to dropbox so can not work for sharing at the same time with somebody else.

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Topic:- Locating database file on SharePoint

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