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Topic:   List Manufacturing operations

By: AndyPosted on: Mar 19 2018 at 05:14:04 AM
Is there any way to list the maufacturing operations and have them displayed when printing off the work order?

By: GuestPosted on: Mar 19 2018 at 12:30:27 PM
We had the same question and found our own solution/work around. You can't attach ManOps direct to a work order.

But minimrp has a neat feature where you can attach any documents or even remote website pages to any item or assembly in your inventory.

On our server I've created a folder called ManOps. I created the operations as an excel file with photos and saved it into that folder. I also include keypoints and customer concerns etc to the xls file.

Once you've created the excel file and saved it to tbat folder go into minimrp and go to the product/assembly's detail page. That's the page where you can edit the part number, description etc. You'll see a row of tabs. The right-most tab is 'Links'. Click that and use the 'browse' button to navigate to that document you created.

Now when you bring up the list of all assemblies you'll see a new column just to the right of the description. That column now contains any links to documents and when you click that it'll pop open that document.

In fact that links feature can be used to link to any document even to pages on remote websites. Just get into the habit of clicking that link icon to show any relevant documents.

So. for components I've used it to link to the manufacturer's spec sheet for the component. For our own assemblies it links to my excel ManOps/KeyPoints file.

People on the assembly line are under orders to always bring up the ManOps document on their screen for whatever assembly they're building.

By: AndyPosted on: Apr 2 2018 at 08:40:26 AM
Many thanks for the reply. Its a big help

By: GuestPosted on: Apr 3 2018 at 08:24:38 AM
I've got a few different assembly lines and would like maybe 10 displays around the work area. I suppose I'd need to buy a licence for every display?

With 4 or 5 desks in the office and those 10 outside in the shop that's still quite a lot of money.

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Topic:- List Manufacturing operations

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